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Arts-integrated education is shown to improve language development, motor skills, deeper learning, and student engagement.

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Students have higher math and reading test scores the longer BTS Arts is in schools.

Students have higher attendance when they are taught using BTS Arts.

Parents become more engaged in schools with the BTS Arts.

(Utah Education Policy Center)



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of parents with students in BTS Arts schools value teaching core subjects through the arts.

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of teachers in BTS Arts schools value learning through the arts.

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of parents in BTS Arts schools would recommend the program to others.

Students participating in BTS Arts from 2009-2013 scored an average 2.2 points higher on language arts CRTs and an average 3.1 points higher on math CRTs compared to students in schools without BTS Arts.

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"Yesterday we were doing follow-up in organizing beats into twos and threes and fours. I just had a whole string of beats and asked [the students], ‘do you know if this is in twos, threes, or fours? They finally figured out, you don’t know unless somehow you show it, you divide it, or you symbolize it in some way. Finally, this kid said, ‘Oh my gosh! Music is so mathematical’ and I responded, ‘yes, it is!’"

— BTS Arts Music Educator




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